Toothbrush Leetwoot

Age: 22

So, what can I tell you about Toothbrush Leetwoot? Well, if he had to decide between videogames, internet, porn and air to breathe, the latter one would certainly not be on top of his list. Tooth's biggest goal is to become a software pirate one day. Let's hope he doesn't take the word "pirate" too literally...
The origin: The basic idea behind the comic was to create a little parody of Monkey Island (MKI was my first Computer game ever and I still love it). However, the story quickly developed into a different direction. I did not want to create a copy of Guybrush Threepwood as the main character, considering both his personality and design. Thus I decided that my protagonist's look would feature a few kind of feminine and feeblish traits and at the same time be reminiscent of the days of the old pirates. While doing the first drafts I noticed that - for whatever reason - creating Tooth was most difficult out of all the characters. First he seemed too fierce, then looking too chiseled or not very likeable. Eventually I found the perfect blend I had been looking for and could finally start working on the actual comic. Tooth's personality is based for one part on the typical internet geek worshipping the internet, porn and videogames - on the other hand he also borrows a few aspects of my own personality. My ideas are about as crazy as his (which is quite logical because Tooth's ideas are naturally my own, too). And what would have been a better choice of name for this mixture than 1337 and w00t?

The Death

Age: Girls don't have any age!

Well, she is the death. Yeah, the death is a girl. (Woohoo, boobs baby, boobs) And she really loves her job. If you want to find a nice gift for her, you should just murder someone.