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Q: How often do you update your page?

A: I have scheduled the regular releases for sunday and thursday. Sometimes I will release a few specials whenever there is something happening that can be turned into a special episode (e.g. X-Mas, Game releases, etc.)

Q: Why don't you update more often?

A: I am currently a student at university. Everbody told me that I will have so much spare time when I am a student. But they were all lying 8[. Well, I just don't have enough time.

Q: Why do you know so much about future episodes? Have you already planned them?

A: No, they are already finished. For the first "season" I made 52 episodes in advance, so I will never run late due to personal reasons. Unlike the regular episodes, the specials are not ready yet.

Q: Can I see upcoming episodes in advance?

A: No you can't. (Unless you pay 100$ per episode to me. Then - of course - you can!)

Q: May I ask you a question?

A: Of course. There would be no FAQ if I didn't allow people to ask questions.

Q: Can you send me some pr0n?

A: It's all mine! EVERYTHING! Forget about that!